July 29

MasterTemplate for ArchiCAD 12 – Now Available!


Bobrow Consulting Group is pleased to announce the release of MasterTemplate 12, now fully updated for compatibility with ArchiCAD 12 USA and International versions.

Revisions include modifications of composite walls for use with the new Partial Structure Display; inclusion of some views and examples of 3D Documentation; addition of Curtain Wall components into the Interactive Legends of Visual Favorites; adjustments for compatibility with the new ArchiCAD 12 Library; and miscellaneous fine-tuning. Both USA and INT versions have been prepared for simultaneous release.

The update is a free download for all MasterTemplate licensees. Login to the BCG ArchiCAD Forum, then click the MasterTemplate Download link.

Revisions to the MasterTemplate Manual and Quickstart Guide will be completed in August. Until then, the previous MasterTemplate 1.1 versions are still quite relevant and useful.

Here is a more extensive list of changes to the Template since version 1.1:

2. Deleted layer: C | SLAB | MODELING BASE (TERRAIN).3D.
3. Added layer combination: MODEL | BUILDING ONLY | 3D DOCUMENTATION that allows dimensions to be visible as part of the view.
4. Added layer combination: LAYOUT | REGISTRATION STAMP.
5. Added 3D Document viewport and axo example: AD-01 ANNOTATED 3D DOCUMENT.
6. Created a clone folder for 3D Documents.
7. Placed CUT AWAY-01 ANNOTATED CUT AWAY view onto Layout sheets A.12 ARCHITECTURAL DETAILS in the A SMALL PROJECT EXAMPLE SET, as well as sheet A8.01 in the standard project set.
8. Set the clone folder STRUCTURAL PLANS | DWG to use the Core Only Structure Display setting.
9. Converted all Visual Legends PLN Module objects to ArchiCAD 12 Library parts, and integrated all Legend MOD files into a single PLN file hotlinked into the template, located at the top level of the AMT folder instead of inside the MasterTemplate Library.
10. Deleted Modeling Slabs from EXAMPLE SOURCE SAMPLE and DESTINATION REMODEL PLN files, however they are retained but moved to the C | MESH (TERRAIN).3D layer.
11. Set all composites Structure Display Settings, including Complex Profiles.
12. Added layer: U | PRESENTATION | PLAN + SECTION + ELEVATION.UNIQ to accomodate new Image Fills.
13. Added Image Fills to PRESENTATION DOCUMENT VIEWS (Presentation Site and Floor Plans) in sample projects.
14. Renamed files for legibility and consistency.


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  1. Yes, in addition to the U.S. versions, we supply ones for international users with metric standards. These use the International ArchiCAD Library and are based on the attributes (pensets, materials, fills, etc.) from the International distribution of ArchiCAD.

    We have had purchases from many parts of the world: Australia and New Zealand, Europe, Africa, South America. I’m not sure if we’ve had anyone buy MasterTemplate from Asia yet…

    All versions are available to licensees on the MasterTemplate download page.

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