October 26

MasterTemplate Video Training Survey


In mid-October I sent out a request for suggestions from MasterTemplate users (and those on our email list) for our upcoming video training materials. About 25 people responded, and it’s been a real eye-opener!

Please help us out – it’s only a 5 minute survey:


We received some great suggestions for topics to include in the video training series included:

* How to customize AMT for your own firm, and how to migrate a customized template when a new version comes out
* How to extend the Interactive Legends with user-defined parts
* How to bring in an existing project file into the template
* How to keep developing the template based on changes or improvements made in actual projects
* How to simplify MasterTemplate, if you don’t need everything
* The intended usage for all the AMT layers, and for each pre-set drawing type
* What options exist for combining or adapting AMT to work with an existing office standard layer system, and/or renaming AMT Layers
* Use of Attribute Manager to bring in layers or other attributes from other projects or templates
* How to add existing standard details into the template
* Demonstration of how to do a remodel project using our suggested method (a base as-built file hotlinked into a new/remodel file)
* How to get the best looking drawings when printing, perfecting the line weights
* How to work with and develop multiple options to enable comparison
* Creation of complex roof systems

Some people said that MasterTemplate felt very natural, and they jumped right into using it.

On the other hand, a few said that they weren’t yet using MasterTemplate, because they felt it was complex and they didn’t know how to get started.

I believe that these video tutorials will make a big difference in how quickly and easily new users can start implementing AMT. They will also help all users get the most benefit out of the MasterTemplate system. I’m excited to be working on this project!

I’ll keep the survey open through the end of October, so please give us your input if you haven’t already:


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