You may download the latest version of the MasterTemplate manual here:

Some sections at the end of this manual (pages 91-105) will be expanded at a future date.

It may be useful to refer to the Release Notes for each version, which go into further depth about certain features:

An important part of the “documentation” for MasterTemplate is the Sample Project, which is included when you purchase AMT, and may be accessed from the download page for each version. This is a small building constructed using the template, and it illustrates in context most of the functionality built into AMT. By studying each View and looking through the Layout Book, one can better understand how all the pieces fit together.

We also recommend watching the video demonstrations and explanations in the Support area of the website. These include basic installation and configuration of the template files and how to start a project.

The documentation for the Cadimage Legends add-on for MasterTemplate may be viewed here: