MasterTemplate Upgrade

MasterTemplate Upgrade


As an owner of a MasterTemplate license, you may upgrade to the latest version for $147. Each year we offer a pre-release promotion in which you may purchase the upgrade at a lower price. You will receive a few emails about this, providing a discount purchase link or code. If you don't get a notification, please contact and we can check your account to make sure you're still on the active list..

Your upgrade will give you access to the latest version of MasterTemplate, as well as all previous versions. This means that if you own MasterTemplate 18, for example, and now have ArchiCAD 21, when you upgrade you will get a license for the latest version of AMT but may also download and use AMT21 (which would be the version matching your ArchiCAD software).

If you have any questions, please send an email to

IMPORTANT: To purchase your upgrade, please login to the website.

As always, in addition to adding full compatibility with the latest version of ArchiCAD, each version contains improvements and refinements based on user requests and feedback. To see what's new in each version of MasterTemplate, you may review the Release Notes or New Features Video Training:

After you complete your purchase, you will receive an email confirmation. Return to the Member Home Page and you will see all of published versions of MasterTemplate have been added to your account. Click the links provided in the sidebar to go to the download page for the one matching your version of ArchiCAD.