July 16

MasterTemplate for ArchiCAD 12 – Coming Soon!


BCG is finishing up the updates for MasterTemplate to ensure compatibility with ArchiCAD 12. We expect to be able to post the new version within the next few days.

Revisions include modifications of composite walls for use with the new Partial Structure Display; inclusion of some views and examples of 3D Documentation; addition of Curtain Wall components into the Interactive Legends of Visual Favorites; adjustments for compatibility with the new ArchiCAD 12 Library; and miscellaneous fine-tuning. Both USA and INT versions have been prepared for simultaneous release.

The update is a free download for all MasterTemplate licensees. A notice will be posted when the files are available.


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  1. Matt –
    The new AC12 version of MasterTemplate is only slightly different than the AC11 version. I suggest that you simply continue with ArchiCAD 11 projects in their current form as you transition to ArchiCAD 12. We will be posting some advice about how to transition projects shortly.
    – Eric

  2. Is it better to convert a 11 file that uses the master template into 12 and just leave it as is or could you copy and paste the project into the new template? I am assuming that the layers, pen sets are probably the same. Any recommendations?

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