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This 101 minute ArchiCAD training video (recorded during a live webinar on November 21, 2011) explains how to use MasterTemplate in practice. The View Map is the primary focus, as this navigation tool is so important for setting the context of your work.

In this part, the structure of the View Map as a whole is explored. There is a lengthy exposition on the design and modeling phase of the project, in which various views are invoked to display the most useful information. The Interactive Legends are studied in detail, since these are such a critical part of MasterTemplate and a powerful tool for speeding your work. Finally, an overview of the rest of the View Map – Construction Documents and Presentation Documents – is given, with a more in-depth explanation scheduled for the next training installment.

MasterTemplate is shown both in a a new blank file as well as using our standard sample file that has a small building that provides a context for the project structure.

For more MasterTemplate video tutorials, please use the drop-down menu from the QUICK TUTORIALS and MASTERTEMPLATE TRAINING navigation links at the top of the page. If you have questions about the setup or use of AMT, please review the MasterTemplate Manual and additional documentation. For technical support, please post a question in the SUPPORT FORUM or email

Bobrow Consulting Group also provides remote consulting services to help you use ArchiCAD more effectively. We can share a screen using GoToMeeting and talk by phone or Skype to go over your questions in context, and teach Best Practices. For more info or to arrange a session, email