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Thank you for your purchase of MasterTemplate. I look forward to working with you to help you get the most out of Archicad!

If you have a version of Archicad other than AC25, please go to the appropriate page using the links in the sidebar. 

To get started, follow these installation notes, then acquaint yourself with the Quick Tutorial and MasterTemplate Training videos (see the site navigation menu) to become familiar with the template system.  Thank you for purchasing MasterTemplate (AMT).

 - Eric Bobrow

MasterTemplate 25 Download Links

Versions of MasterTemplate are available in two sets, one for users in the USA (in feet and inches) and one for users in other parts of the world (in metric).

NOTE: MasterTemplate 25 is in process; release is planned for early August 2021. Until the release date, please download AMT24 using the links below.


Choose the appropriate version below and right-click and Save File As, then unzip):

MasterTemplate Sample Project

The MasterTemplate 24 Sample Project is also available in two versions. USA users may download a file that references the standard Graphisoft library distributed with Archicad 24. INT users are provided a separate version that embeds all of the library parts into the project file so that you don't have to load the USA Library.

The Sample Project is included in the Supplemental Files download below (which includes additional resource materials):

AMT24 Download and Installation

Please watch this 20 minute video to see how to download, install, customize for your office and start to use MasterTemplate 24. You an expand to watch it in full-screen by clicking the small button in the bottom right with the 4 arrows.

IMPORTANT: In the video at about 12 minutes 50 seconds you'll see me choose MOD as the file type to update the Hotlinked Legend file; in AMT24 you'll need to choose PLN instead.


1. After you unzip the main download file, you'll find:

  • AMT MASTERTEMPLATE USA/INT 24.tpl - The main template file for you to customize with your company info etc. and resave as your own 
  • MasterTemplate Linked Files [folder] - contains the Interactive Legends (which provide quick access to frequently used components), a generic company logo (for you to replace with your own), and a sample document for General Notes and Specifications (for you to fill in your own boilerplate information).
  • In the Linked Files folder, you'll also find the full Embedded Library for the template. This will be explained in a forthcoming video tutorial.

2. Unzip and place all the contents together into a suitable folder (you may want to call it AMT, and place it into your My Documents or Documents folder).

3. Open up Archicad 24, and tell it to browse for a file, choose All Files from the type popup rather than Solo Project, and go to that folder and open up the AMT MasterTemplate [USA/INT] 24.tpl file.

4. In earlier versions of Archicad, you would typically get several warning messages while the file is being read (see below), which are easy to correct. In Archicad 24 these messages may not pop up during the opening process, however they may be seen in  various parts of the Action Center (accessible from the File menu > Info > Action Center). 

  • Missing Hotlinked Module files - if this message comes up, read it and click OK. You'll fix it later.
  • Drawings that are missing or in legacy format - click the Read From button, and browse and select the MasterTemplate Linked Files folder (within that AMT folder). It should find all the missing files there.
  • Drawings need updating - you can ignore this and click OK. (In general, you'll always get this message when opening a file if you didn't update every View before saving and closing. It's only important as a reminder in case you open up a file and intend to print Layouts immediately - then you will need to update everything in order to get accurate prints or plots.)
  • If the Library Manager indicates that it cannot locate the AMT Embedded Library folder, click the ADD button and locate this within the AMT Linked Files folder.

5. After the file finishes opening, you should relink the Interactive Legend Hotlinked Module. In the Hotlink Module Manager (accessible from a link in the Action Center, or via the File menu > External Content > Hotlink Module Manager command), highlight the Legend in the lower section, click the Relink -> from file button, then browse to the MasterTemplate Linked Files folder and find the file (you may need to switch the popup to show PLN files rather than MOD files). 

NEW in AMT24: The other two HLM files are not placed into the base template, since they are optional and many users don't require them.. If you would like to use these additional Favorites files, you may place them into the template at a convenient time. Look for a new tutorial showing how this works.

Click OK to finish the relinking, then Archicad will reload the AMT Legends HLM file from its new location.

NOTE: If you are running Archicad Solo then you cannot update Hotlinks, since the Solo edition does not provide support for external files. The template will function normally, although you may get occasional warning messages about these files not being able to be located or updated.

6. Whenever you are ready, you can also delete the placeholder building and advisory notices. Use the layer combination SHOW ALL EXCEPT MARKERS & LEGENDS to make everything accessible that needs to be removed. Make groups active (turn off Suspend Groups from the Edit menu > Groups submenu or using the Suspend Groups button in the Toolbar) so when you select one element of the building, the entire building is selected, then Delete.

Switch back to Preliminary Design > First Floor (or Ground Floor for INT users) then select one of the advisory notices. All notices will be selected, then Delete.

7. Start to customize the template to make it your own by replacing the company logo on the Masters. In AMT24, the logo is placed onto the Masters from either the Logo Worksheet or from a placeholder external linked file (AMT Layout Master Company Logo.jpg) in the MasterTemplate Linked Files folder.

One option is to replace the placeholder file  with a graphic file containing your logo and company information, giving it the same name. You can open this file in an image editing program, paste in your company logo, and then save (replacing the original file).

Another option is to open the Logo Worksheet from the Project Map, and delete the placeholder graphic and replace with plain text and/or your own graphic.

The Master Layouts (title blocks) refer to either the worksheet view or the external file, and will update to show your logo by using the Update button on the Layout Masters.

NOTE: If you are using Archicad Solo, since you can't link from an external file, you'll use the Worksheet option.

8. Once you've updated the logo on all the Layout Masters, you should Save the TPL with a new name associated with your firm rather than the original name (AMT MASTERTEMPLATE [USA/INT] 24.tpl) to make it clear that this is your own version.

This is the file you'll use to start new projects, and will update from time to time as you optimize your office standard.

Additional customization options are described in the MasterTemplate Manual and in other video tutorials.. This template file should remain (and be saved as) a TPL (template) file.

9. If you'd like to bring into your template information from previous templates or projects in your office, you may open up two sessions of Archicad (click the checkbox when you browse for the file to start a new instance of Archicad), and copy and paste between the two.

10. You can use the TPL right away in your work - when you start a new project, you'll pick the Use a Template option and browse for this file. Later, when you pick Use a Template it will remember this file as the default for new projects, and it will stay in the popup list in case you pick another one for any reason.


The MasterTemplate Manual is your best guide to understanding how to implement the template in practice.

  • AMT20 Upgrade QuickStart Guide - an intro to AMT20 for users upgrading from an earlier version of MasterTemplate - a new version for AMT24 will be created.
  • MasterTemplate Tutorial videos (in the member area) covering basic installation and configuration, and quick guide to starting a project
  • MasterTemplate Training videos (in the member area) including an extensive overview of MasterTemplate, but additional detailed explanations and demonstrations showing best practices and guidance for customization

You may also find it useful to refer to the Release Notes for the earlier versions, which go into further depth about certain features. These will eventually be incorporated into the full MasterTemplate Manual, however they are maintained separately for now.

There are video tutorials and other materials on this website in the  MasterTemplate Tutorials and Training sections.


Please explore the Sample Project that illustrates many of the features of MasterTemplate in context.

The version for USA users loads the standard ArchiCAD 24 Library.

For users outside the USA, there is a special INT version that has all the USA library parts embedded; it is based on the USA version (in feet and inches). Since it is intended only as a study tool, it's not necessary to create a separate metric version.

In the International version, ALL the library parts used in the model or referenced by the template Legends (kits of parts) are embedded into the sample project file, so they do not rely on an outside library. This is not the way we suggest working on a normal project. We do this so that International users may open the files without needing to download the entire USA library.

When you open the sample project, you may get a warning message about the Hotlinked Modules being missing, which you can ignore - leaving them unlinked will not cause any problems as you browse around inside the file. In fact, if you are an International user, it's best to leave these alone and not update the links, since these Hotlinked Modules refer to the USA versions of the Interactive Legend, which (again) you wouldn't normally have loaded on your system.

For more information on the Sample Project, please see the MasterTemplate Manual.

MasterTemplate Supplemental Files USA/INT [folder]

These are files that you may refer to but are not required for usage of MasterTemplate. This folder contains:

  • MasterTemplate NEW PROJECT FOLDER (a generic organizational tool that you can use when you start a new project to keep all of the files well organized)
  • IMPORT FILES (for AMT Upgrades) - a set of files that may be used when migrating earlier versions of MasterTemplate to ArchiCAD 23. These include:
    • AMT24 Properties (3 different files are currently provided; the best one to use is AMT24-USA-Properties-AMT-plus-Classifications-v20.xml)
    • AMT24 Favorites
    • AMT24 Schedules (folder)
    • AMT24 Graphic Overrides (folder)


If you have questions, you may send them via email to or post them in the MasterTemplate Support Forum.

If you'd like BCG to help you set up MasterTemplate, or are interested in project-focused assistance or guidance on how to optimize ArchiCAD for your office, we are available on a consulting basis. We can work remotely via GoToMeeting to share a screen while talking on the phone, and address any or all of your implementation or training questions. Please email or call us at 1-310-569-5916 if you'd like to discuss how we might help you.


Thanks for your purchase of MasterTemplate. I greatly appreciate your business and look forward to working with you!

Eric Bobrow
Principal, Bobrow Consulting Group
Creator of MasterTemplate - The Office Standard for ArchiCAD