November 21

MasterTemplate 1.0 Released


Bobrow Consulting Group is pleased to announce the release of MasterTemplate 1.0 today, November 21, 2007.

All licensees who have downloaded a Beta version during the past few weeks are encouraged to go to the BCG ArchiCAD Forum website at then login, and download the latest versions of all files. (Note that the large FREE TEXTURES file has not been updated and does not have to be downloaded again.)

As before, place all of the files and folders into a single folder, and unzip so they all are “at the top level” next to each other. This way, when the SAMPLE.pln or the MasterTemplate.tpl are opened, they will automatically find the associated libraries. You will still need to go to File menu / External Content / Hotlink Manager to update the links to the Hotlinked Module (HLM) files – see the QuickStart Guide or Manual for more details on this simple process.

The MasterTemplate folder can be anywhere you wish, but we suggest you place it into an “ArchiCAD Office Standards” (AOS) folder inside your Jobs folder. The AOS folder can be on your workstation or on your server in the area where you keep common reference material and libraries.

Over the past few weeks, we have been focusing on refining and extending the template and sample files, as well as building out the forum website. Next, we’ll work on bringing the QuickStart Guide up to date, and expanding the Manual. Other plans in the short term are to create a version of the MasterTemplate for ArchiCAD 10, as well as the creation of an alternate layer set using AIA, NCS and/or UDS compliant naming. We’ll also continue to enhance the Sample file to show more tips and techniques that will be explained in the Manual.

Thank you for your interest in MasterTemplate. Please give us your feedback and post questions and suggestions via the forum. If you have any problems using the forum, please email For urgent matters, call the BCG office at 888-442-4496.

We wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are very thankful for your support.


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