October 11

MasterTemplate for ArchiCAD 13


After several weeks of work, we are proud to release MasterTemplate 13. The new update provides full compatibility with ArchiCAD 13, and also contains new features and revisions based on feedback and suggestions from users as well as our own discoveries and innovations.

The U.S. version is now posted, and the International version is expected to be available later in October.

Here is a summary of the most important new features in AMT 13:

  1. Interactive Legends: We converted the complete Legend kit of parts from the ArchiCAD 12 Library to the ArchiCAD 13 Library. While some elements automatically found their counterparts in the new library, many dozens had to be swapped manually using parameter transfer techniques. Over 400 labels were also updated to reflect the new object names.
  2. The process of Preliminary Design was significantly simplified with the use of new Layer Combinations and View definitions. It is now much easier to go back and forth between the preliminary design model and the Legend kit of parts.
  3. New fills were added including soft insulation, image fills and a DEMO fill (a partial white-out) that makes elements appear dashed.
  4. New composites were created that use ArchiCAD 13’s new soft insulation feature. A methodology was introduced to control visibility of the insulation separately on plan from sections and 3D Documents.
  5. Commercial restrooms in the U.S. version were revised to meet ADA standards. Informative notes were added to show ADA minimums, maximums and other requirements.
  6. A new AMT Work Environment Profile is provided to simplify setup of keyboard shortcuts and other recommended workstation settings.
  7. A variety of other cleanups and fine-tuning has resulted in a tighter, nicer-looking template.

A complete description of the new features, along with instructions for upgrading user-customized versions of MasterTemplate are included in the Release Notes.

New AMT licenses and upgrades include a full year of update coverage. MasterTemplate users who purchased their license or an upgrade after October 1, 2008 will receive free access to AMT 13. Other MasterTemplate users may buy upgrades for $49 USD through October 31, 2009. After that date, AMT upgrades will cost $75 USD.

For more information or to purchase MasterTemplate, please visit www.actemplate.com or contact your preferred ArchiCAD reseller, distributor or online store.


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