April 27

MasterTemplate 12.1 Now Online!


MasterTemplate 12.1 (USA version) is now available for download!

Here is a short list of what’s new:

  1. Interactive Legends – greatly expanded with Quick Rooms and Parts Matrixes
  2. Legends – FAST access through a Worksheet using Virtual Trace!
  3. 3D Views and 3D Windows show many of the Legends for study and easier use
  4. Custom Profiles – many new wall profiles show the possibilities
  5. New Fills, Materials, Textures and a smart custom Label
  6. Layers – a few adjustments, new layers and layer combinations

The Release Notes are now posted online at:

The Release Notes are a 23 page document describing what’s new in version 12.1, as well as how to install it and set it up.

I’ve written some guidance on how to upgrade from AMT 12 in two different ways:

1) installing the new template and transferring previous customizations into it, or
2) copying some or all of the new features from the new template into a highly customized template that is already in use.

The version posted April 17 is technically called Release Candidate 1, which means that although it has been tested internally and works nicely, we are requesting feedback from users on anything that may need cleaning up.

Now that I’ve completed the technical description of the new version, my next step is to create marketing materials that explain very simply what’s new and what the benefits are. I’ll also be updating the overall website that describes MasterTemplate, and going back to the original Manual and integrating everything into it.

In parallel, as Scott Bulmer’s schedule allows, we’ll get an International version prepared, as well as finishing up special Legends for Cadimage Tools users.

Somewhere along the line, I’ll be creating promotional materials that we’ll use for our affiliate websites. These are the sites of ArchiCAD resellers and other software distributors such as Objects Online, CAD Garage, Graphisoft West, Cadimage Tools, Object Stop, and others that will be starting to list and sell the MasterTemplate.

I only wish I had more time to devote to this project, so all of this could have been done already!


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