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“Wish I’d found you 2 years ago instead of putting up with my own half-baked template.
AMT is everything I’ve been looking for.” – Paul Higgs


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MasterTemplate is a comprehensive resource to enable you to quickly maximize the potential of ArchiCAD. AMT features a highly developed, fully customizable project template (TPL file) filled with presets and tools to speed the creation of models and construction documents, as well as a detailed sample PLN file showing the template put to full use.

“Thank you very much for your prompt reply to my questions – I certainly was not expecting such quick and detailed assistance! I think your personal level of customer service is exemplary and goes far above and beyond anything I have experienced before. Thank  you again!” – Andrew Polkinghorne

AMT is ideal for new users to help them get going. It’s also a great option for experienced users and firms that have not had time or expertise to fine-tune and hone their own office standards in relation to the latest Graphisoft technology. While there is no single “right way” to do things, MasterTemplate draws from a combined 30+ years of experience in “Best Practices” by two ArchiCAD Masters.

“Setting up your ArchiCAD project files correctly will make your time as productive as possible. MasterTemplate will be a big help.” — Dominic Gallello, former Graphisoft CEO

Graphisoft by necessity supplies a startup template “in the ArchiCAD box” that is simple enough to understand easily, virtually universally applicable, and a good base to build on. However, that leaves a lot for each user and firm to set up in order to get their 3D BIM model into construction documents. In contrast, AMT puts in almost everything most small and mid-size firms will need, so your setup time is minimized. We also build into the template all the smart workflow features that ArchiCAD is capable of. When you start with or transition your office to MasterTemplate, it will be much easier to get maximum benefit from ArchiCAD.


AMT’s innovative Layer setup makes it easy to keep your elements organized. (AIA and NCS standard layering systems are also supported.*) Layer Combinations and Views for all standard drawing types (many more than come with ArchiCAD out of the box) are pre-defined to simplify creation and placement onto Layout sheets. Numerous additional Schedules and Project Info Autotext entries are defined and pre-placed onto Layouts so construction documents flow out of the model with minimal effort. The View Map is cleanly organized, easy to navigate, yet extremely comprehensive. Clone folders, a powerful yet little-used feature of ArchiCAD, are set up to automatically create more Views as needed, with all the right settings.

The Layout Book has Drawings already pre-placed on a majority of the sheets. Essentially, you can focus on designing and making a 3D model for your project, annotate it, and it’s already laid out for plotting. (Of course, you can and should adjust drawing placement as needed.) Master layouts are easy to customize – simply place your company logo and contact info, or swap in your existing title block from DWG or PLN, and you’re good to go!


Detail drawings are a snap with the built-in Detailer Template which gives quick access to intelligent 2D library parts. Place parametrically-sized components (such as joist hangers, steel structure, masonry block, wood trim, etc.) as objects rather than drawing lots of lines and fills. Both “traditional” palette-based Favorites and AMT’s elegantly innovative Interactive Legends of Visual Favorites provide quick ways to activate settings for frequently used wall types, doors, windows, cabinets, etc. Everything is fully customizable to match your preferred styles.


MasterTemplate is sold as a download from this website and from other participating resellers and distributors. (Please contact BCG if you are interested in offering the product to your ArchiCAD clients.)

AMT includes a complete manual documenting features and explaining how to customize the template to meet your office standards. The AMT Support Forum on this site provides a comprehensive support system and helps build a focused community around Best Practices for ArchiCAD.

Purchases are handled securely by credit card or PayPal account. An immediate email is sent with payment receipt and download instructions.


MasterTemplate is very modular and can be customized to meet any regional or internal firm requirement by the user or by BCG. Purchasers may download the template in a large variety of formats, for either U.S. or international standards.

The U.S. version uses American standards and the U.S. ArchiCAD Library, while the international version is based on the International ArchiCAD Library and attributes, with metric sizing for building components and documents. We also supply a version supporting the U.S. National CAD Standard (AIA/NCS) layer system and the Uniform Drawing System (UDS).

The latest MasterTemplate takes full advantage of the features in ArchiCAD 14, and we still offer versions for ArchiCAD 11,  12 and 13. After purchasing, you may download any variation of MasterTemplate at any time.

In response to user requests, we created an ArchiCAD 10 version of the original AMT 1.0 as well. Certain features are unavailable or do not work as well in ArchiCAD 10, but in general, it is quite usable. There is also a version compatible with the ArchiCAD Start Edition 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Our Cadimage Legends add-on integrates many of the Cadimage products including Doors, Windows, Cabinets and Detail Elements.

NOTE to Resellers and Distributors: We would like to distribute MasterTemplate through ArchiCAD resellers and other online stores worldwide, in addition to this website. AMT is now available on www.objectsonline.com, www.graphisoftwest.com and www.cadgarage.com. Please email BCG if you are interested in offering the product for resale, or would like to bundle AMT with your sales of ArchiCAD licenses to help new users start out in the most organized way.