March 15

MasterTemplate Reaches a Milestone


We reached a significant milestone this past week with the 100th license of AMT sold. I’m delighted with the continuing and growing interest in our product, which is about to extend its reach around the world as we prepare an international metric version. We’ve already had purchases from all parts of the U.S. as well as a few from Australia, South Africa, the Caribbean and Europe.

I’d like to ask your help in two ways.

The first one is to give us feedback, ideas and suggestions so that we can improve AMT. If you’ve been using it on your projects, you’ve undoubtedly customized it to suit your needs. We’d like to hear what you’ve done besides putting your name on the corner of the title block.

If you added layers or layer combinations for specific purposes, and feel others likely would need the same, let us know. If you’ve created new schedules or views that could be of general use, share them with us. I’m particularly interested in developing the Interactive Legends further, with more element types and variations as well as sample room layouts.

The second way you can help is by writing a short statement about how AMT has helped you in your work. These testimonials are crucial for establishing the credibility of AMT. When we say the ArchiCAD MasterTemplate is good, it’s one thing; when users says it’s good, that’s much more powerful.

Email us your feedback or testimonial at, or post it at the BCG ArchiCAD Forum at

If you’d really like to help AMT succeed, you can go further. Post your comments on ArchiCAD-Talk, the online discussion board maintained by Graphisoft. I’ve placed a notice in the ads section with a short summary of AMT along with several quotes from users. Your positive comments here will go a long way, and will be greatly appreciated by me and Scott. Feel free to mention AMT in other areas of ArchiCAD-Talk or on other online places if you feel it is relevant to the discussion.

We’d like to reach out more to ArchiCAD resellers and distributors. In addition to being sold at our website (, ArchiCAD MasterTemplate is now available at the web stores of Objects Online ( and Graphisoft West ( Let your reseller know that you are using AMT and find it a worthwhile add-on for ArchiCAD users. When they hear from a few users about AMT, they’ll tell others about it. If they’re interested in getting a free review copy, or in adding it to their product line, tell them to contact BCG at

Thanks again for your support.
We look forward to continuing to serve you with the best startup kit for ArchiCAD projects in the world: MasterTemplate!


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