July 22

MasterTemplate 14 is here!


July 23, 2010
[Revised September 6 – International Version now available!]

I am pleased to announce the release of MasterTemplate 14 for ArchiCAD 14.

Both the USA and International versions are now posted!

The AMT 14 Release Notes have been revised and updated. If you downloaded them when the USA version was released, you may get the latest version from this link; the latest notes are also included in the standard download.

If you purchased MasterTemplate (or an upgrade) within the past year, you may download AMT14 for free by logging in to the website.

Go to the GET MASTERTEMPLATE menu in the navigation bar and select LOGIN TO THE WEBSITE (or click this link), then go to YOUR MEMBERSHIP PAGE where you will see a link to the AMT 14 download page. If you’ve forgotten your login info, you may use the Forgot Password link to get it emailed to you. Remember that your Login User Name is your email address.

If your last purchase of AMT was before July 23, 2009, you may upgrade to AMT 14 for $75 by clicking this link (or the one on the website).

Here is a summary of what’s new and changed in AMT 14:

1)   The AMT Legends were revised for compatibility with ArchiCAD Library 14.

2)   MasterTemplate Library items are now embedded into the various Legends PLN files as well as the template itself.

3)   The structure of the template was simplified somewhat by moving some of the explanatory worksheets to the AMT Legends file, and removing some Plan-based Views for the Interactive Legends. A new View was created to facilitate copying Quick Rooms into the project.

4)   New 3D Views were created for Shadow Studies Layout sheets. These top-down views have sun shadows turned on for different dates and times.

5)   A new GDL object creates a swatch sheet for all materials defined in the project. A Material Matrix showing all standard materials has been placed onto Layouts for printing or reference. Users may also create new material swatch sheets using this object.

6)   A new worksheet TIP-01 has been added for compiling tips and reference materials for quick access while working in a project. An excellent tip from ArchiCAD-Talk that explains how wall skin priorities work is included as an example.

7)   Minor corrections / updates:

a)    All site plan worksheet Views have been set to 1/8” = 1’-0” rather than 1/4” = 1’-0”.  (In the International version, these views are set to 1:100.)

b)   Most pre-defined 3D OpenGL views for the 3D window have been redefined to use Sun Shadows, a new feature in ArchiCAD 14. Other updates were made for various 3D Views.

c)    A new Layout sheet has been added to the Small Project Set for DEMOLITION PLANS. It can be used or discarded as needed for each project.

d)   Publisher Sets have been adjusted to correspond better with the Layout Book. Some items have been renamed and/or re-organized.

e)     Favorites have been saved for all the Marker tools (Sections, Elevations, Worksheets, Details, Interior Elevations) and for the Drawing tool.

f)      In response to user requests, a number of Master Layouts for smaller sheet sizes have been added to the International version.

g)     The Master Specifications.doc file now is inside the MasterTemplate Linked Files folder, rather than inside the MasterTemplate Library folder (its previous location). The Word document has been updated to refer to the new placement.

h)    The T-R TRASH | RECYCLING | TEMP STORAGE Layout Subset has been refreshed. These layouts contain reference materials that may be printed out or viewed onscreen.

More extensive documentation on the new features, as well as a guide for how to upgrade or migrate existing templates, is available in the 23 page AMT 14 Release Notes.

Thanks again for the opportunity to work with you, and help you use ArchiCAD more effectively with MasterTemplate!

Eric Bobrow
Bobrow Consulting Group
Creator of MasterTemplate – The Office Standard for ArchiCAD


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