How to Set Window and Door ID’s Quickly

October 19, 2010 – ArchiCAD Video Tip by Eric Bobrow

In this 5 minute video, Eric shows how to quickly set the ID’s for windows or doors so that they show up in a schedule properly.

The ID can be set in the Window or Door Settings dialog box in the Listing and Labeling section near the bottom. It can also be entered using the Info box, however the default placement for the ID is at the far right, which requires scrolling. The placement of the ID in the Info Box for Windows or Doors can be adjusted using the Options menu > Work Environment > Info Box dialog.

Finally, an even faster method is shown, which uses the Document menu > Schedules and Lists > Element ID Manager… dialog. One can select multiple windows (or doors, etc.) in the order one wants them to be numbered, then set up the labeling style and the starting number, and ArchiCAD will set them instantly into sequence!

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