Creating Rafter Tails

November 21, 2009 – MasterTemplate Video Tip #1

In this month’s 23 minute video, Eric Bobrow shows how to easily create sculpted rafter tails using a clever combination of Complex Profiles and Solid Element Operations (SEO). This design detail is shown in context using the Sample Project included in MasterTemplate.

A simple wall, roof and tilted beam are drawn, and SEO quickly carves them into shape. Later, an entire roof system is modeled in a few minutes using RoofMaker and systematic application of these techniques. In a final flourish, Bobrow changes the shape of the rafter tails for the entire project in just a few seconds.

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Credit for this idea goes to Abraxis Spera of Sacramento, CA, who suggested the methodology and provided the original materials for the “negative space” rafter tail profiles that we include in MasterTemplate.