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Please consider this special offer for new purchasers of MasterTemplate.
We can help you set up MasterTemplate or answer your questions in a one hour consulting session. We’ll talk by phone or Skype while sharing a screen with GoToMeeting. Normally priced at $99 per hour, you may get one hour of consulting services for only $49 – less than half price!
If you’d like to order at this special pricing, please click the Order button below (your credit card will be charged):
[i4w_actionset tagid=’93’ buttontext=’ORDER’ aftertext=’Your request has been processed. A BCG consultant will contact you shortly.’]
No thanks, I don’t want to get any help from you to set up MasterTemplate. I understand that consulting services will be available later at our standard rates of $99 per hour, and that this introductory offer will not be repeated.
[i4w_actionset tagid=’92’ buttontext=’No, Thanks’ aftertext=’Sorry to see you didn’t want us to help you. Good luck!’]