bobrowipcheadshot4I’d like to introduce myself and the ArchiCAD MasterTemplate, a product that will help you get organized, save you tons of time, and help you use the Best Practices for ArchiCAD.

My name is Eric Bobrow, and I have been an ArchiCAD Reseller for 20 years. My company Bobrow Consulting Group (BCG) is based in Los Angeles. I hope you have seen and enjoyed my ArchiCAD Tips and Tricks articles, which appear regularly in AECbytes and Cadalyst as well as the ArchiCAD Wiki.


  • The MasterTemplate is one of the great bargains in the ArchiCAD world.
    — Richard Morrison (USA)
  • I love your product!
    I was a Revit user for years and recently moved to a Mac with AC12.
    MasterTemplate has enabled my small design firm to be instantly competitive right off the start with ArchiCAD.”
    — Adrian Tait (USA)
  • ArchiCAD at its best!
    I had a thorough look [at MasterTemplate] the last week and I am impressed. This is the tool to learn ArchiCAD the way it must be.… this is the first time I realized how I can create my office standards in an efficient way… I think the benefit of using AMT is similar to moving from CAD to ArchiCAD.
    This is the best 195$ I have ever spent in software or software education.
    Well Done!!!

    — Georgios Zaharakis (Greece)


Do you:

  • Struggle with adjusting all the settings to make your drawings look good?
  • Need help setting up comprehensive office standards?
  • Miss out on the Best Practices for gaining the full power of ArchiCAD?

MasterTemplate can help!

  • It is only once I have studied the template that I started to understand the possibilities that ArchiCAD offers. I have used the template as a basis for our own but have adjusted it to suit our specific requirements and modus operandi. The articles that you have written and that can be found on the forum are invaluable to further understand ArchiCAD.
    — Danie Strydom (South Africa)


We’ve spent a lot of time over the past 20 years helping users learn ArchiCAD. Yet we’ve seen all too many struggle while trying to get everything set up. They don’t know how to take advantage of all the power built into the software, and frequently miss out on the Best Practices. Before we created the ArchiCAD MasterTemplate, we were not able to help everyone, particularly if they didn’t call to ask for help or want to pay for consulting services.

  • The excellent organizational concepts in the MasterTemplate show the BIG picture, and how each sub-unit relates…This would have saved me (no exaggeration) over ten times the cost of this template.
    — Logan Cartwright (USA)


Perhaps you may be like some of our users, before they purchased MasterTemplate:

  • You get frustrated because you don’t have an organized system
  • You waste lots of time starting each project because you don’t know how to reuse what you’ve set up in previous files
  • You may even be tempted to go back to your old software because you can’t quite get over the hump with ArchiCAD

Get smart. Your time is money. Your small investment in the purchase of MasterTemplate will put you far ahead:

  • “Wish I’d found you 2 years ago instead of putting up with my own half-baked template.
    AMT is everything I’ve been looking for.”

    — Paul Higgs (Australia)
  • The ArchiCAD MasterTemplate saved me an enormous amount of time of having to understand everything, having to organize everything and furthermore it was an excellent sort of “textbook” in my getting my associates and my assistant into that as well.
    — Maria Kontopedes (Greece)


To help resolve these challenges, in the fall of 2007, BCG created the ArchiCAD MasterTemplate, a robust project start-up kit that embeds Best Practices into the structure of the project file. Although we originally made it for U.S. standards, after numerous requests from around the world, we created an international version with metric standards using the International ArchiCAD Library. In 18 months we have sold almost 250 licenses to rave reviews by both normal users and respected ArchiCAD experts.

  • Your template is a powerful tool to learn ArchiCAD, and has become indispensable to our ISO 9001 certification. Thanks a lot.
    — Francisco Troncoso (Chile)
  • I purchased Eric’s Master Template last week, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to maximize their productivity and advanced understanding of ArchiCAD, if, like me, you’re dedicated to mastering the software, this is an amazing educational tool.An A+ contribution to the ArchiCAD toolbox.
    — Michael Grant (USA)
  • MasterTemplate has without a doubt made me more productive. As a one person firm, time I would have had to spend developing my own standards and templates is instead available for working on projects and bringing in income.
    — Chris Belanger (USA)


MasterTemplate is not just for beginning and intermediate users. Here are some comments from advanced ArchiCAD users and trainers:

  • Combined with the sample files, I think the MasterTemplate would be very useful to almost any ArchiCAD user to learn techniques that may be new to them. Even if the customer were not to use the template in their practice, the educational value to them will far exceed any similarly-priced seminar.You and your team have made a great contribution to the ArchiCAD community by offering and supporting this product!
    — Karl Ottenstein (USA)
  • I have been using ArchiCAD since about version 4.2. Over the years I have developed a template that we use in our 3 man office. This is a very important piece of our workflow that is constantly under modification and improvement.I bought MasterTemplate after seeing it discussed on ArchiCAD talk, doing some research and reading about how you proposed using linked files in renovation work (I think in AEC bytes). Over the past few weeks we used your linked reference system to produce an addition project (66 rooms, seminar space, restaurant extension and 3 luxury apartments) for a hotel in the ski resort here. I am pleased with the results. For a small office with good communication, this alternative to using teamwork allowed us much more flexibility in the administrative aspects (page layouts, numbering, rearranging layers and pen sets on the fly, etc.), while reducing the number of required layers.
    — Aladar Kish (Switzerland)
  • The template is quite impressive, such an undertaking.I don’t know if the users will appreciate how much work has gone in to produce it. Nevertheless I am sure it will make their lives easier.I think one of the most appreciated features will be that you took the time to set up the detailer template to fit the sheets you have included. Even long-time users are typically put off by the setup.
    — Erika Epstein (USA)
  • I highly recommend the ArchiCAD MasterTemplate from Bobrow Consulting Group. I bought it as an educational tool not knowing if I would use it. Now it is standard for me with some modifications of my own. It demonstrates the full depth of ArchiCAD in a very elegant way.
    — Saxon Sigerson (USA)
  • The MasterTemplate is an elegant and brilliant approach to setting up a project in ArchiCAD that has a number of very clever time-saving ideas built in.I consider myself a fairly advanced user, and even knowing these ideas in advance, there is absolutely no way that I could implement all of them myself for even CLOSE to the price of the template. For a new to intermediate user, having a template like this will save an enormous amount of setup time — many, many hours — and avoid costly mistakes downstream.The MasterTemplate is one of the great bargains in the ArchiCAD world.
    — Richard Morrison (USA)


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