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Supporting all versions of ArchiCAD from 10 through 19​

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MasterTemplate: The Office Standard for ArchiCAD

MasterTemplate is a robust customizable office standard for ArchiCAD that embeds Best Practices methods into the project structure. Created by two ArchiCAD masters with over 40 years of combined experience using and teaching the program, it is a catalyst that will jump you up several levels in terms of organizational efficiency, saving you immense amounts of time while supporting you to produce higher quality work.

The excellent organizational concepts in the MasterTemplate show the BIG picture, and how each sub-unit relates… This would have saved me (no exaggeration) over ten times the cost of this template.

Logan Cartwright

Are you frustrated by:

  • Continually needing to “play with the settings” to make things look right?
  • Frequently having to redo the same setup tasks in every project?
  • Getting inconsistent results and graphic standards with each project?
  • Losing track of information within the project because the organization is haphazard?
  • Always rushing to meet your deadlines, while rarely having time to optimize your setup?
  • Often feeling like you’re fighting with ArchiCAD, rather than having it be your trusted assistant?

You are not alone. ArchiCAD is a complex marvel of technology that takes time to master. It has a huge number of settings that affect the look and performance of your project files, and it’s often hard to know exactly what you need to change, and where to focus your efforts, to get the best results.

When you have a really good office template that embeds Best Practices methods into the file structure, you’ll be able to minimize much of those tedious tasks, and put the time to better use.

You won’t have to redo the same things over and over again. They’ll already be in the project file, ready to access.

MasterTemplate is the most robust project template commercially available – a customizable solution that will make a huge difference in how you work in ArchiCAD. With over 1,000 licensed users, it is the most popular independent ArchiCAD template system in the world.

MasterTemplate is the culmination of hundreds of hours of development by two ArchiCAD Masters with a total of over 40 years of experience: Eric Bobrow (former reseller, trainer, and tech support expert) and Scott Bulmer (architect, consultant and developer). The template structure is set up with Best Practices concepts in mind, enabling users like you to jump several levels in efficiency and productivity in a very short time.

MasterTemplate features:​

  • Super-quick access to commonly used elements with an innovative “kit of parts” – the Interactive Legends of Visual Favorites that shows hundreds of components in well-organized groupings for use with the eye-dropper – as well as a well-developed subset for use with ArchiCAD’s standard Favorites palette
  • An extended and revamped Layer system that provides a comprehensive framework for every element in your project – there is a Layer for everything you create – along with Layer Combinations that speed your work during design, documentation, presentation, and other specialized tasks; coordinated Model View Options make it easy to know which one to use with each Layer Combination
  • The View Map has been set up with a logical, easy to understand structure of folders and subfolders that allow you to focus on just what you need at any given time; Clone folders are set up to automatically create Views with just the right settings as you create new Sections, Interior Elevations, Details and Worksheets (etc.)
  • The Layout Book has Masters for all common sheet sizes, with variations for Detail sheets with a grid, and Notes sheets with columns; there are layout sets for small projects (numbered sequentially) and larger projects (grouped into subsets for separate numbering sequences) with many Drawings pre-placed onto Layouts (simplifying and speeding this process while retaining flexibility to customize and reorganize things as needed)

Many other enhancements to the standard Graphisoft templates are included:

  • A large number of Interactive Schedules of different types (door, window, mechanical, electrical, room finish, etc.)
  • Pen Sets for a variety of different purposes (design, plotting output, backgrounds, DWG, specialty, etc.)
  • Project info / auto-text data (consultant names and addresses, project data including area, zoning info, etc.)
  • Extensive library of composites (walls, slabs, roofs) based on national standards while fully customizable
  • Sample project shows the template “in use” – allowing you to better understand all the settings and options

This is the tool to learn ArchiCAD the way it must be.… this is the first time I realized how I can create my office standards in an efficient way…
I think the benefit of using MasterTemplate is similar to moving from CAD to ArchiCAD. This is the best money I have ever spent in software or software education. Well Done!!!

Georgios Zaharakis

MasterTemplate is available in both international metric and U.S. imperial versions, for each edition of ArchiCAD from 10 through 19 as well as Start Edition 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. NOTE: The ArchiCAD 20 version will be a free upgrade for all new licenses purchased after May 1, 2016; the new template is expected to be available within a few weeks after Graphisoft ships ArchiCAD 20. 

MasterTemplate is provided as an electronic download through this website, complete with an extensive manual of practice that will guide you as you customize it to suit your own preferences and the requirements of your office.

In addition, video tutorials are available that show you how to install the template, add your own logo and other company information, and get started on a new project. An online members forum is there for posting questions and getting expert assistance, and free email support and coaching is available as well.

A sample file is supplied that shows the template in use on a project, which in and of itself is an amazing educational tool. Many users have commented that only after studying the sample project did they finally understand how all the pieces of ArchiCAD fit together. You can examine the model in detail, and “reverse-engineer” the drawings to see how various effects were accomplished.

Our 90 Day No-Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee

I personally guarantee your complete satisfaction with MasterTemplate.

Try it out on as many projects as you like for a full 90 days, and if you’re not completely thrilled with the results, we’ll buy it back from you.

I can count on the fingers of two hands how many times I’ve had refund requests. Out of 1030+ users, that’s about 1%, which is a phenomenal record that I’m very proud of.

If you have a problem or question, you’ll get a detailed, personal response from myself or one of our support team. You’re never going to feel like you’re going it alone. Once you get MasterTemplate, you become part of our community of users focused on mastering ArchiCAD – and we’ll do our best to help you succeed.

Go ahead – get started with MasterTemplate now. You’ll be glad you did. I guarantee it!

– Eric Bobrow

We could easily justify a price of $1,000 or more based on the hours and hours of work you’ll save. However, we’ve decided to make MasterTemplate an affordable purchase for ArchiCAD users like you.

MasterTemplate costs only $297 USD. As one of our clients exclaimed: “MasterTemplate is truly one of the great bargains in the ArchiCAD world!”

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MasterTemplate $297

No-Risk 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee
One license covers an entire office with full access to AMT19 and all previous versions
Supports both USA and INT (metric) users through ArchiCAD 19

ArchiCAD 20 Version Coming Soon!
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Wish I’d found you 2 years ago instead of putting up with my own half-baked template. MasterTemplate is everything I’ve been looking for.

Paul Higgs