Cadimage_LegendsMany AMT users asked us to support Cadimage Tools by adding Interactive Legends of Visual Favorites for their products. In the fall of 2009, after many days of work by Mark Horrocks of Cadimage Tools (as well as myself) over a period of months, we released an add-on for MasterTemplate ready for purchase.

This was a much bigger task than originally anticipated – there are LOTS of Cadimage Tools. Separate Legend groupings were prepared for DoorBuilder, WindowBuilder, CabinetBuilder, Landscaping and Landscaping Extras, Trees of the South Pacific, Accessories, and Rapid Detailer as well as objects from the Design Suite. Special efforts were made to synchronize layers, materials, fill and pen settings to enable a seamless experience for MasterTemplate users.

A revised version of the Cadimage Legends was prepared in the summer of 2010 for compatibility with ArchiCAD 14. Cadimage changed their product names somewhat, so the supported tools are now called Cadimage Doors, Windows, Cabinets, Coverings, and Detail Elements.

Another update will be made for ArchiCAD 15, which should be available in August 2011. Purchases made after May 2011 will be eligible for a free upgrade to the AC15 version.

The Cadimage Legends add-on for MasterTemplate 13 or 14 (with a free upgrade to 15 when it is released) is available for $95 – click this link to purchase.

A special bundle is available when the Cadimage Legends is purchased with a new AMT license for $345, saving $25. You may click here to buy this bundle.

The Cadimage Legends are supplied within a PLN file. The main 3D elements are on one story, with the Rapid Detailer (now called Detail Elements) Legend on a separate story at a different scale. The main Cadimage Tools Legends are set up so you can hotlink them alongside the existing Interactive Legends, while the Detail Legend is intended to be hotlinked into a Worksheet. These supplement the existing AMT file (or your customized template) rather than replacing anything.

For new AMT users who purchase MasterTemplate with the Cadimage Legends, we supply a version of AMT with the new Cadimage materials already integrated. For existing users who purchase the Cadimage Legends, detailed instructions are available showing how to quickly add these materials to your customized template.

Do You Need to Purchase Cadimage Tools to use the Cadimage Legends?

A number of users have asked for clarification on what the Cadimage Legends are, and whether they need to purchase Cadimage Tools in order to use them.

As I hope you are aware of (and appreciate), MasterTemplate contains an extensive set of Interactive Legends of Visual Favorites that give quick access to commonly used elements. You go to the Legends and eye-drop something, then return to your design and draw with the tool settings ready to place a similar element.

We hired Cadimage Tools on a contract basis to develop an extensive set of these Visual Favorites for use inside MasterTemplate.

Here is a screenshot of the main set of Cadimage Legends, which comprise DoorBuilder, WindowBuilder, CabinetBuilder, Design Suite Objects, Landscaping Suite, Landscaping Extras, and Accessories:

Cadimage Legends screenshot

Here is a screenshot of the Rapid Detailer Legend (included in the Cadimage Legends), which is stored in an Independent Worksheet:

Cadimage Detailer Legends screenshot

In order to use the Cadimage Legends, one needs to own some or all of the Cadimage Tools products. The original Cadimage Legends were created with the ArchiCAD 13  versions of Cadimage Tools, and require ArchiCAD 13 and ArchiCAD MasterTemplate 13 to work. An updated version for ArchiCAD 14 has been available since the summer of 2010.An ArchiCAD 15 version of the Cadimage Legends will be made available in August 2011.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to email or post a comment here or on our Support Forum.